Monday, October 25, 2010

Jaxson is 1!!!

I can't believe he is 1. The time flew by. Jaxson's birthday was on a Tuesday so we went to Don Jose's with a few family members to celebrate. Then on Saturday the 25th, we had a birthday bash for him at a park by my parents house. Jax had his first cupcake and as you can tell from the pictures, he loved it. He got a ton of great gifts, hit a pinata and ate (one of his favorite things to do).
At his 1 year old doctor visit Jaxson got 4 shots and a tb test. He weighs 19.8 pounds (5th percentile) and is in average range for his height. The doctor said don't worry about this weight just give him whatever he wants to eat. He thinks he is so active so he burns off what he eats.

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