Monday, October 10, 2011

Look whose 2...

  I am truly unsure how Jaxson is already 2.  I think his smile has made the time fly.   He is a ball of energy and fun all rolled into one.  He keeps me moving from the minute he wakes up, to the minute he takes a nap and then he starts all over again until bedtime.  He has a very sweet personality, all while still being a total boy.  Jaxson makes me laugh everyday and I don't know what I would do without my buddy.  We do everything together.

I love you Jaxson Kyle!!  Happy 2nd Birthday, my sweet baby boy.

Here are a few Jax updates:
--He weighs 25 lbs and is 34.5 inches tall.  He is average for his age, 50th percentile.
--He has slowed down a lot on the amount in which he eats but he is still a good eater.  His favorites right now are oranges, quesadillas that he dips in beans, french fries, Pepe's guacamole, crackers.
--He wears a size 4 diaper.  We have the potty out and he has gone a few times but nothing consistent.
--He has a binky to sleep with (it does not leave his room) and we just got rid of it in the car.  He also sleeps with his blanket which he calls his "ni nite."
--He LOVES to hop, build with Lego Duplo blocks, read books, swing, dance and anything his brother does.
--He is wearing size 2T shirts and mostly 2T pants and shorts depending on the brand.  Shoe Size 8.
--Bedtime is 8:30 and he wakes everyone up around 7:15ish, Nap time is 1:45.  

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reptile Party...

This is Prince Charming (I'm talking about the frog's name, not my Noah.)
Abbie thinking about touching the snake.

Noah loved every second of his party!

Some of the kids waiting for the reptiles.

This year we, Noah and I, decided on a reptile theme. I found a company (Prehistoric Pets) that brings the reptiles to your home. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect but it turned out awesome. The host, Thalia, brought bins full of reptiles like snakes, turtles, frogs, a huge monitor, etc... She was really patient with the kids which was great because we had some excited kids. Noah was in heaven, he touched every animal and even wore a few. It was a great party and we were so happy that Noah loved every minute of it. I'm going to say it again, I cannot believe he is 5.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Look whose 5...

Adelyn and Noah at Goofy's Kitchen.
Noah's Goofy's kitchen group.

Goofy himself (you decide who I am talking about)

The very proud birthday boy!

On his birthday, Kevin, Jaxson, Nana and I took Noah to Disneyland. We rode a few rides and ate lunch and then left Kevin with the birthday boy so they could do "big boy" rides while we went home to take a nap. While we were napping, Kevin and Noah waited an hour and half to go on the new Star Tours ride. They liked it and had a nice time together. At 6pm, we met up with Grandma, Grandpa Dave, Uncle Brian, Papa, Uncle Eric, Nicole and Adelyn at Goofy's kitchen (it's in the Disneyland hotel, it's a buffet where characters come around while you eat). Noah had been waiting for this part of the day. The food was good and Noah actually ate some which was great (he had pizza, mac and cheese and a few things from the dessert area). About 6 characters came around and he loved it, they signed his autograph book and took pictures with him. Adelyn couldn't make it to his upcoming party and hadn't ever been to Goofy's kitchen so her and Nicole joined us and I'm so glad they did. Noah loved having Adelyn there to get excited about characters with. Funny story: the fairy godmother from Cinderella walks up to Noah and says, "is this your sister?" Noah says , "yes." Godmother says,"what's her name?" Noah, without missing a beat,"Adelyn." Then the fairy godmother say, "would you like my autograph?" He thinks for a second and say's "no," she says, " how about a picture?" Noah, "no." She looked at me and said something like, not the first time. So later when we were walking out of the hotel I asked Noah why he said Adelyn was his sister and he said, "cause I want one." And he asked when he could have one. Won't he be surprised when we tell him he is going to be a big brother again in February.

Overall, Noah had a great day and so did we.

I'm not sure where the time went but I feel like I blinked my eyes and my Noah turned 5! I am so proud to be his "mama." Here are a few things about this extremely handsome, cute, funny, smart (ok, I know this is bias but I'm the Mama) 5 year-old boy:

-Great Big Brother: he is so loving towards Jax, he truly thinks about him and loves him even when he is following him around and wanting every toy that Noah has. He has so much patience when it comes to his brother.

-Artistic: He loves to paint, color with markers more than crayons, he makes random things out of paper. Anything you call a craft, he's all over it.

-Stubborn: When he makes up his mind to do something, it is very hard to change it or redirect him. I hope this is a huge positive for him in the future and he goes for his dreams and goals.

-Nature Lover: He loves to go for "nature walks." He has a wagon full of supplies (bug catcher, telescope, shovel, etc) and we walks around the neighborhood looking for bugs, pine cones, animals anything that has to do with nature or that fits in his bug catcher. He has come home with worms, ladybugs, a baby lizard (which we let go back to it's family the next day) and LOTS of pine cones.

-Picky Eater: We still have a very limited menu when it comes to Noah. He likes dinosaur chicken nuggets (he will eat nuggets from fast food places but he prefers dinosaurs), pancakes (only a few brands will work and he won't ever order them if we go out, he says they don't taste good), beans and rice (only from a resturant), goldfish crackers, elmo crackers, key lime pie yogurt (he will only eat "green yogurt"), popsicles, oreos (these are a new addition this year), cheese pizza...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Jaxson and Noah

Just a few updates on the boys. They really have become buddies and friends. Just the other morning Noah melted my heart when he brought Jaxson a car and said, "let's race." That's when I realized Jaxson is now old enough to "play" with Noah. Before they would play near each other or Noah would help Jaxson with some task but now he wants to play with him. I really hope that they stay friends and rely on each other trough out life.

Now for the personal updates:

Jaxson is 19 months old. He is starting to say more and more. He almost learns a word a day. Some of his favorite words are: drink, snack, Dada, Mama. He LOVES to eat. He will pretty much eat anything but lunch meat. Some of his favorite foods are: yogurt, pizza, crackers and peanut butter. He loves to dance and listen/dance to music. He loves dogs so his favorite movie is 101 dalmatians, he doesn't sit through the entire thing but he listens to it while playing and he stops at his favorite parts to watch. He loves the Cruel Devil song. Jaxson has a temper so if something doesn't go his way or we aren't understanding what he wants he throws himself on the ground and cries. Noah will say "temper, temper" or "temper tantrum" while he's doing it. Otherwise, he is pretty happy. I call him my buddy because we do everything together, especially while Noah's at school. And regarding his beautiful golden locks, Kevin and I are loving his hair and how light it is so we are letting it grow. When he gets out of the bath or as it gets dirty he has the cutest curls ever. I think this may be the only time it will be long so what the heck.

Noah is 4 1/2 years old. He is already talking about his 5th birthday and what we are going to do. He really wants to go to Disneyland and have a party, so that's what we are going to do. I cannot believe he's going to be 5, I now know the old saying is true, "time flies when you're having fun." We have had so much fun with him in the last 5 years. Anyhow, Noah is sweet and super funny, he loves Toy Story 1,2 and 3 and anything associated with the movie. In the last year, he has really been fascinated with bugs. He loves to read about them, look for them and ask tons of questions about them. He is still a SUPER picky eater and not interested in trying anything new. He is patient and actually won the patience award at school. He loves school and learning and would go everyday if we let him (he goes 3 days a week). He's such a good natured boy.


We also got Knotts passes in December of '10. My Gramma got them for us for Christmas. They work a bit different then Disneyland passes. The Knotts passes are for a calendar year Jan - Dec (not to mention a ton cheaper than Disneyland passes) so we got them in December, which is kind of considered a free month since you should really start out the passes in Jan and use them through Dec. For those of you that don't know Disneyland passes start the day you use it for the first time and run for an entire year, despite the day you start them, so for example if you buy them on April 7 they are good until the following April 7. Enough for the pass lesson, we love Knotts because we have NEVER been on a crowded day. Literally, the workers are waiting for the kids to walk up and go on the rides. Most of the time, they ride by themselves. It's been great on days when I don't have anyone to meet up with because it's less crowded, I can keep a close eye on both of them and we can do our own thing and not worry about lines. Also, all the kids rides are in one area, "Camp Snoopy," so we aren't running all over the park to go on rides. Noah's favorite rides are the cars and the camp bus. I think Jaxson likes the cars and the train.


We got Disneyland passes for Christmas and we have been loving them. Noah got an autograph book on the first trip we made with our passes and we have been on a character hunt ever since. On a few trips to the happiest place on earth, all we have done, for the most part, is get autographs. You'll notice Jaxson isn't in any character pictures except for the nonmoving, nontalking Lighting McQueen and Mater picture. He's not loving the characters yet but I'm sure he will soon. He follows Noah everywhere and I'm sure he will soon follow him to the characters.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Noah's Christmas Program

Waiting to sing (he's sitting on the pew)
All the 4 year-olds

There he is front and center.
Noah had his first ever Christmas program and it was great. He sang 3 songs (I think) and said a Bible verse. I was almost in tears, not exactly sure why but I think it has something to do with him being 4 (which seems so old to me) and that he goes to school and has a life without me. Man do I love that boy! I have no idea how I will handle him going to Kindergarten.
Merry Christmas!