Friday, May 13, 2011


We also got Knotts passes in December of '10. My Gramma got them for us for Christmas. They work a bit different then Disneyland passes. The Knotts passes are for a calendar year Jan - Dec (not to mention a ton cheaper than Disneyland passes) so we got them in December, which is kind of considered a free month since you should really start out the passes in Jan and use them through Dec. For those of you that don't know Disneyland passes start the day you use it for the first time and run for an entire year, despite the day you start them, so for example if you buy them on April 7 they are good until the following April 7. Enough for the pass lesson, we love Knotts because we have NEVER been on a crowded day. Literally, the workers are waiting for the kids to walk up and go on the rides. Most of the time, they ride by themselves. It's been great on days when I don't have anyone to meet up with because it's less crowded, I can keep a close eye on both of them and we can do our own thing and not worry about lines. Also, all the kids rides are in one area, "Camp Snoopy," so we aren't running all over the park to go on rides. Noah's favorite rides are the cars and the camp bus. I think Jaxson likes the cars and the train.

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