Monday, June 21, 2010

Irvine Train Park for their Easter celebration-- still catching up!

The prize he won.
Adelyn, Jaxson and the bunny

The train ride

The boys and the bunny

My Bunny!
Before Easter, we met Adelyn and Nicole at the Irvine Train Park where they had a bunch of Easter activities set up. They had an Easter egg hunt where you could get candy or coupons for free things around the park, games where everyone is a winner, cookie decorating and of course the train ride. The best part was the coupon I got for the Easter bunny picture off of the internet and as long as you purchased a picture you could take as many pictures with your own camera as you would like. We had a good time and will probably go back next year.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Knotts "very" Farm

Adelyn, Hailey and Noah on the big train.
Hailey and Noah being brave on the balloon ride.

The Pilots!
Shortly, after we moved to California we made our first trip to Knotts Berry Farm or as Noah calls it "Knotts very farm." Hailey (my cousin Laura's daughter) came with us and Adelyn and Nicole met us their. Noah had a great time and was able to ride a bunch of different rides. Camp Snoopy is perfect for him, at this age. We also rode the BIG train that goes around the park, he loves trains so this was a great treat for him. After the robbers left, (they were very friendly and super sweet to the kids) Hailey and Noah could relax and enjoy the rest of their ride. One day I am going to figure out how to ride the stagecoach, even growing up close to Knotts and having gone their so many times, I can't ever remember riding it. I'm sure it's stinky and not that entertaining but I would like to try it anyway and I'm sure Noah would love it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Our new park.

23 weeks old

Noah loves the park by our house, it has swings. He would swing all day if we would push him. As I mentioned in my last post, we really have no backyard so we are so happy we have such a nice, clean little park right across from our house (it's literally 40 steps away, give or take). Jaxson is pretty good in the stroller, he just hangs out and looks around. After the park, we take a nice little walk around our neighborhood. Noah rides his plasma car and loves to find new ways to get home.

Catching up! We Moved!

OK, so it has been a REALLY long time since I have blogged so I have decide to try and fill in some of our milestones. WE MOVED! The pictures above are of the first time we ever saw our new house (January 25, 2010). It was still somebody elses but this is when we did our home inspection. For those of you wondering how we got this adorable house, here's the story (short version). I found the house on the Internet (while in Arizona), it was going to have a one day auction and the best offer won. Well, it was super cute in pictures so I asked my parents if they would check it out for us. Of course they went, put in an offer for us (don't tell anyone, we were suppose to be present). The realtor told my dad you should hear from us in the next few days regardless if you got it or not, well we didn't hear anything. I called our agent and asked her to call them and they said I wonder why we didn't call you, you had a close to top bid. Anyhow, we made another offer and now it's ours. The house was officially ours on February 22, 2010, yes we moved in a months time! I think it's super cute, it's in a gated community with a golf course (to bad it's private so no golfing for Kevin unless he meets someone that is a member and that member invites him to golf), we are right across from the beautiful pool and park (which is a good thing since the house really has no backyard, it's a "patio home") and the neighborhood is quiet and kept up really nice. I am going to try to take some updated pictures with our stuff in it, someday. We are happy to be in California near our family but we really miss our Arizona friends and that Kevin could work from home, we miss him when he is at work all day and the commute is no fun for him or us. Noah did awesome with the move. He started a new preschool and had truly no issues with the change. I was so happy that he transitioned so well. Jaxson was 5 months old when we moved and I am a little sad that he will never remember the house we brought him home to from the hospital. I love that house and wish we could have just picked it up and moved it here, I hope our renters are enjoying it as much as we did. I hope some day we can all visit it again as a family.