Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Get Together with Friends

Last night we went to Lori, Aaron and Gabe's house to have a Christmas party with them and the Luna's (Brandon, Jamie, Andrew and Dylan). The boys had so much fun playing. We ate a yummy meal of enchilada's and beans prepared by Aaron, he made cactus enchiladas as one of the many choices (they taste like green beans), yes I really mean cactus. I had never heard of them before but I can now say I have tried it. We ate and then had a gift exchange. The Luna's got the Rodriguez's a really fun game called "would you rather." We opened it right up and started playing, it was super fun. Let me just give you a few highlights, Jamie had to put a spoon in her mouth for 2 turns, I had to wear Brandon's socks and Kevin would rather be pulled up by his ears than his hair. Next time pictures are a must. After that fun game, we decided to play Trivial Pursuit, let's just say boys versus girls and you all know who won, don't you? We have decided game nights need to happen more often, we hope to do it again soon. This is my first video upload. Aaron and Lori have a beautiful house with some "loud" neighbors. While watching the video you may be able to hear the mariachi band in the background, it's only a recording but we have been told on some nights there is live music. Feliz Navidad!!!

A day outside

While Noah was playing in the backyard, I put Jaxson on a blanket so he could be outside with us. He loved looking around and just being outside with his big brother. He is getting so big and already wants to do so much. He loves for us to hold him up like he's standing. He is already growing out of the million 0-3 onsies, he really can't fit in them anymore. He is officially on the last of the number 1 diapers. I think I have 8 left and I put him in a number 2 the other day and I know that's the size for him. He loves his pacifier and that is what is giving him this annoying and reoccurring pimple like red spot on his chin. He is a good baby, pretty much eats, sleeps and wants his diaper changed. He is back sleeping well, usually getting up once at night between 1 - 2 am to eat and then again around 6 or 7 really cannot complain. He started getting up an extra time around midnight right after his 2 month shots but now he's back in the old routine. He also sleeps in his own room in his crib. He has been in there for about a week now and he is doing fantastic. I can't believe on Monday he will be 3 months old, the time is going quickly.

Gingerbread House by Noah

Noah loves crafts!!! During a trip I made to Michaels, I found this gingerbread house. We have done crafts like this before but this is his first gingerbread house. Those of you that have not found these GREAT crafts at Michaels, they are easy and fun. Most pieces have sticky on the back, so you just peel away the paper and there you go. This one just had a few things that had to be glued and it comes with the glue. Anyhow, this house took him a while to make, notice we started in the daylight and the finished picture is at night. The tiles on the roof took the longest, you have to put one on at a time (I helped a little with this). And yes my child had his pajamas on all day, he did not feel well this day. He did such a great job and is very proud of his craftsmanship. These are so fun to do together.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tub Time!!

This boy loves his baths! He is 2 months old and is a water baby. Even if he is hungry and you put him in the bath, he will settle right down. He has started to splash a little bit since he has discovered his hands and he watches himself in the mirror. I love the way he smells right after (not like formula yet). He is such a good baby just swaddle him, maybe put the pacifier in his mouth and he is content. We are so lucky and thankful to have this cute little boy in our family.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Preschool Activity

Noah and his plate of gingerbread cookies and candy!
We are so proud of all that Noah has accomplished at preschool. He knows how to count to 21 without skipping and he can recognize his numbers to 10. He can write his name, recognize most letters and trace them and so much more. He loves to learn and LOVES to go to preschool. He comes home after preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays and has to show us immediately what he has in his backpack or folder that he has created that day. This day they decorated gingerbread cookies because the theme is Christmas. We are so lucky that our neighbor teaches preschool, it is so convenient and she has taught him so much. Thanks Jenna for all your hard work and dedication, we appreciate all that you have done so far.

Noah, Zach and Kaedon

Noah, Kaedon and Zach
Opening Gifts
Noah had so much fun with his friends this Wednesday opening gifts. He got a Trio block set and a truck from the movie Cars. Karen (Zach's mom) was the host and she made her yummy rice crispy treats shaped as gingerbread men. After gifts and some time playing and building they colored Santa's head and glued on cotton balls for his beard. Noah had a great time and we are very happy Noah has such great friends.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jaxson is 11 weeks old

We took Jaxson in for his 2 month appointment on Tuesday, I know a little late. He weighs 12 pounds 10 ounces (50 percentile) and is 24 inches long (which is 50-70 percentile, they do it different at this pediatrician's office than the one Noah had at first). He is doing well but needs some more tummy time. I am just not good at it, he hates it and whatever he hates, I hate. I'm a mom and I don't want to make him cry if I don't have to but I promise here and now to do it more often. He got 3 shots and had to drink some stuff, that's why Kevin has to go I am not good at shots and I have to turn my back. I made the bottle while holding back tears, once again I hate when he cries. He's already getting to big. He went from 7:45pm to 5:15am without eating this week, love that! He is a lot more aware of his surroundings, he loves to be swaddled, he is still wearing number 1 diapers but should be in 2's I just have so many 1's left I am squeezing him in them and he went from the 4 ounce bottles to the 8 ounce and we are offering him 5 ounces at a time, which he eats from time to time.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Here comes Santa Claus...

Attempt One - Jaxson only.

Attempt Two - Mama trying to talk him into it.

Attempt Three - Success!
While in California for Thanksgiving, we did our traditional trip to Fashion Island to see Santa. Noah said he was going to see Santa but wasn't having it when we got to the front of the line. Luckily, the line was super short and no big deal. Just for the record, you are allowed 1 picture on your own camera and. Then we went to the Brea mall for Jaxson's 2 month pictures and while there decided to try again. Luckily, for us again there was really no line. Attempt two, he talked to him barely but saw the lollipops on the way past Santa and wanted to go back. So, we headed to CPK where he consumed 2 kids pizzas, yes he ate all of one and then asked for another. I ordered it thinking we can take it home and he ate it all himself. This is really unheard of since he's not a fan of eating and is super picky. Anyhow, after lunch we headed back to Santa (who by the is so nice) and Noah was brave enough to sit on his lap. As a matter of fact, they were just chatting and we had to ask Noah to get down because other kids needed to talk to Santa. He was so excited after because let him have 2 lollipops (Noah says "wallypops"). Hopefully, Santa will bring him what he asked for, he's been a good boy and a great big brother. For the record, he asked for a remote control car and the Toy Story hop up house.

Jaxson's first trip to California

Noah and Uncle Brian being silly!

After Jaxson's first bath at Nana and Papa's house.
He loves the bath.
Jaxson got to experience the 5, well 6 hour, drive to California for the first time on October 13th. It wasn't to bad, we stopped 2 times for him to eat and he pretty much slept most of the way. Noah couldn't wait to get there and kept asking, "Are those Nana's mountains?" Are we there yet?" Followed by the saying, "this is taking a long time." We hadn't been there in 4 months so he had forgotten just how long the drive is. Jaxson had a nice first visit and was meet by loving family and friends. It was also Thanksgiving and boy, (no pun intended) did we have a few cute boys to be thankful for!