Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gingerbread House by Noah

Noah loves crafts!!! During a trip I made to Michaels, I found this gingerbread house. We have done crafts like this before but this is his first gingerbread house. Those of you that have not found these GREAT crafts at Michaels, they are easy and fun. Most pieces have sticky on the back, so you just peel away the paper and there you go. This one just had a few things that had to be glued and it comes with the glue. Anyhow, this house took him a while to make, notice we started in the daylight and the finished picture is at night. The tiles on the roof took the longest, you have to put one on at a time (I helped a little with this). And yes my child had his pajamas on all day, he did not feel well this day. He did such a great job and is very proud of his craftsmanship. These are so fun to do together.


  1. What a cool gingerbread house! And don't girls are in their pj's all day, almost every day! ;-)