Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Get Together with Friends

Last night we went to Lori, Aaron and Gabe's house to have a Christmas party with them and the Luna's (Brandon, Jamie, Andrew and Dylan). The boys had so much fun playing. We ate a yummy meal of enchilada's and beans prepared by Aaron, he made cactus enchiladas as one of the many choices (they taste like green beans), yes I really mean cactus. I had never heard of them before but I can now say I have tried it. We ate and then had a gift exchange. The Luna's got the Rodriguez's a really fun game called "would you rather." We opened it right up and started playing, it was super fun. Let me just give you a few highlights, Jamie had to put a spoon in her mouth for 2 turns, I had to wear Brandon's socks and Kevin would rather be pulled up by his ears than his hair. Next time pictures are a must. After that fun game, we decided to play Trivial Pursuit, let's just say boys versus girls and you all know who won, don't you? We have decided game nights need to happen more often, we hope to do it again soon. This is my first video upload. Aaron and Lori have a beautiful house with some "loud" neighbors. While watching the video you may be able to hear the mariachi band in the background, it's only a recording but we have been told on some nights there is live music. Feliz Navidad!!!