Saturday, December 5, 2009

Here comes Santa Claus...

Attempt One - Jaxson only.

Attempt Two - Mama trying to talk him into it.

Attempt Three - Success!
While in California for Thanksgiving, we did our traditional trip to Fashion Island to see Santa. Noah said he was going to see Santa but wasn't having it when we got to the front of the line. Luckily, the line was super short and no big deal. Just for the record, you are allowed 1 picture on your own camera and. Then we went to the Brea mall for Jaxson's 2 month pictures and while there decided to try again. Luckily, for us again there was really no line. Attempt two, he talked to him barely but saw the lollipops on the way past Santa and wanted to go back. So, we headed to CPK where he consumed 2 kids pizzas, yes he ate all of one and then asked for another. I ordered it thinking we can take it home and he ate it all himself. This is really unheard of since he's not a fan of eating and is super picky. Anyhow, after lunch we headed back to Santa (who by the is so nice) and Noah was brave enough to sit on his lap. As a matter of fact, they were just chatting and we had to ask Noah to get down because other kids needed to talk to Santa. He was so excited after because let him have 2 lollipops (Noah says "wallypops"). Hopefully, Santa will bring him what he asked for, he's been a good boy and a great big brother. For the record, he asked for a remote control car and the Toy Story hop up house.


  1. so funny, I really like santa #2's outfit!

  2. Hey Kelly, I'm so glad you started a blog!! I saw it on Nicole's list of blogs! Adorable pictures with Santa...and I love the Santa at Brea Mall, he's super nice...Abbie even gave him a huge hug! Keep posting, it looks great!