Thursday, June 17, 2010

Knotts "very" Farm

Adelyn, Hailey and Noah on the big train.
Hailey and Noah being brave on the balloon ride.

The Pilots!
Shortly, after we moved to California we made our first trip to Knotts Berry Farm or as Noah calls it "Knotts very farm." Hailey (my cousin Laura's daughter) came with us and Adelyn and Nicole met us their. Noah had a great time and was able to ride a bunch of different rides. Camp Snoopy is perfect for him, at this age. We also rode the BIG train that goes around the park, he loves trains so this was a great treat for him. After the robbers left, (they were very friendly and super sweet to the kids) Hailey and Noah could relax and enjoy the rest of their ride. One day I am going to figure out how to ride the stagecoach, even growing up close to Knotts and having gone their so many times, I can't ever remember riding it. I'm sure it's stinky and not that entertaining but I would like to try it anyway and I'm sure Noah would love it.

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